Old Hend Family Images

Old Hend Family Images

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These were old black and white negatives
These pages contains some black and white photos that belonged to my mother. They show both sides of the family from the Hend and Coombes branches. The original negatives are kept in my bus in Mullumbumby. The large group photo of adults was taken in Dunedoo, a small town in New South Wales. My grandmother Hend and her identical twin sister are sitting on either side of my grandfather in the middle. The photos of the Coombes side of my family are on another page. I am always looking for more photos of my ancestors, so if you have any, please let me know.
There are images of graves at Dunedoo cemetery – some are the Sullivan family, good friends of my dad, he often spoke of Pat Sullivan.

Mary Morrison

Mildred H
Harrold H
Elsie H

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