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Welcome to my Hend Family Website
This website is dedicated to the history and genealogy of the Hend family, starting from Samual Hen, who was born in 1829. You will find information about his descendants, including myself and my siblings, as well as photos and documents that show our family heritage. This website is a work in progress, and I am always looking for more information and stories from other Hends around the world. If you are a Hend or related to one, please feel free to contact me and share your family tree. I hope you enjoy exploring this website and learning more about our family. As I expand the website, I realize it has become a diary for me with memories from early childhood in Maroubra (11, now 79 Alma Road) to my present day life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thank you for visiting!
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Hend documents
Hend documents
Hend documents
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